If you are concerned about the growing phenomenon of street and working children in J and K ,kindly help us reach them.We believe that every child has the right to shine,like a diamond in the rough and had the right to live all the life in all its fullness . ASEEDS-K provides basic education to the underpriviledged children,with the belief that education is both the means as well as end to a better life . ASEEDS-K helps children especially girls realise their dreams,with the mission to catalyst socio economic change in J and K. ASEEDS-K works to change the lives of destitute children and help them break the link between the family income and educational achievement ensuring that every child can fulfill their potentials and make the most of their talents and education initiatives include scholarship programs,preparatory schools and technical institutes,schools and colleges.


Our aim is to level the employment field for disadvantaged women by providing both livelihood that enhances women’s economic status,dignity and decision making within their families.

With the realization of women’s role in socio- economic progress of the family and community at large,empowerment of women particularly in the rural areas is receiving attention. ASEEDS-K pledges to address the following issues in the community by taking giant strides in the below given areas:

  • Aims at women empowerment by formation of women  based communities.
  • Serving/cutting/embroidery/pickling and packaging classes.
  • Encouraging female adult literacy classes.
  • Encouraging admission to short term courses like computer applications and ITI’s.

3.LIVELIHOOD INITIATIVES(Vocational training’s and services):

This program of ASEEDS-K includes self help groups ,vocational training centers and entrepreneur development centres .Our livelihood programs have evolved as a logical linkage to mission education based on the need to provide employ ability skills to high school pass outs,rural and urban .Underprivileged youth to enhance their prospectus of employment in fast expanding aviation,travel ,retail and tourism management,short term certificate courses in cabin crew,air ticketing and airport management,computers,business marketing and banking management.

ASEEDS-K believes in disseminating and imparting quality education in the shape of vocational,academic and formal schools. ASEEDS-K realizes that J and k’s youth faces serious problems of unemployment and underemployment.The causes are legion and include dropping out of high school because of poor education,need to support ones family at an early age,a lack of information on the job market and most importantly ,not possessing the basic skills required by employees today.Many youth engage in daily wage work unaware of the opportunities available to them .


ASEEDS-K technology advisory council is a group of highly accomplished entrepreneurship and executives from leading technology ventures in India and abroad that are interested in collaborating to scale technology enabled for profit social enterprises,The council of ASEEDS-K has been established to support ASEEDS-K efforts to bolster the social enterprise sectors ability to see new business creation,to develop and serve as a conduit for financial , technology and operational resources to flow to those social ventures most suited to scale and scaling solutions providing impactful outcomes and livelihood development for the business market across the country .

ASEEDS-K institutes provide an entrepreneurship program that caters to youth especially women and college/university pass outs who want to set up their own business.Talented and interested individuals are selected and given material support and mentor ship.

  • To help youth build confidence and develop the foundational skills needed to succeed in the professional world.
  • To meet the labor demands of high growth sectors in J and K,India and abroad.
  • To create entrepreneurs through mentoring and financial support .

5 .Conservation of environment and ecological issues:

In effort to give life to and bring  a smile on the face of every plant ASEEDS-K has stepped forward with the idea of ecology and environment conservation program.The objectives are mentioned below imparting environmental education to the school and college pass outs with a view to increase the level of environment awareness.

  • To strengthen the environmental club by refining its activities and scope.
  • To achieve a cleaner and greener environment in and around J and K and to raise the environment motivational factor at school ,college and university level where they not only contribute to environment care,protection  and conservation of natural resources.
  • Towards water bodies ,ecological habitat and water conservation of water.
  • To conduct various activities based presentations on may issues of deep concern such as environment protection and conservation,climate change,and impact of environment on the health of people and environment upkeep.
  • To prepare eco conscious citizens for the present and future.
  • ASEEDS-K believes in setting in many environment revolutions for conservation of natural resources and to have cleaner and greener  surroundings.